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Wi-Fi WPA2 Vulnerability Found

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BobB-nw sends along news based on yet another press release in advance of the Black Hat conference: a claimed vulnerability in WPA2 Enterprise that leaves traffic open to a malicious insider. “…wireless security researchers say they have uncovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 security protocol, which is the strongest form of Wi-Fi encryption and authentication currently standardized and available. Malicious insiders can exploit the vulnerability, named ‘Hole 196′ by the researcher who discovered it at wireless security company AirTight Networks. The moniker refers to the page of the IEEE 802.11 Standard (Revision, 2007) on which the vulnerability is buried. Hole 196 lends itself to man-in-the-middle-style exploits, whereby an internal, authorized Wi-Fi user can decrypt, over the air, the private data of others, inject malicious traffic into the network, and compromise other authorized devices using open source software, according to AirTight. ‘There’s nothing in the standard to upgrade to in order to patch or fix the hole,’ says Kaustubh Phanse, AirTight’s wireless architect who describes Hole 196 as a ‘zero-day vulnerability that creates a window of opportunity’ for exploitation.” Wi-Fi Net News has some more detail and speculation.

Source: Wi-Fi WPA2 Vulnerability Found

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