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Dell Drops Ubuntu PCs From Its Website

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Barence writes “Dell has stopped selling consumer PCs preloaded with Ubuntu from its website, and doesn’t know when they’re coming back. A search for Ubuntu on the Dell UK website returns only one laptop — the Dell Latitude 2100 from the company’s business range. Dell insists that it’s continuing to sell Ubuntu systems, but only over the phone, and has no idea when — or even if — the Ubuntu PCs will return online. ‘We’ve recently made an effort to simplify our offerings online, by focusing on our most popular bundles and configuration options, based on customer feedback for reduced complexity and a simple, easy purchase experience,’ Dell told PC Pro. ‘We’re also making some changes to our Ubuntu pages, and as a result, they are currently available through our phone-based sales only.’ The move comes after Dell put a page on its website advising customers only to go for Ubuntu if they were interested in open-source programming.”

Source: Dell Drops Ubuntu PCs From Its Website

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