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How IT Pros Can Avoid Legal Trouble

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snydeq writes “InfoWorld’s Peter S. Vogel reports on the kinds of inadvertent transgressions that could land IT pros into legal trouble without realizing it. From confidentiality and privacy negligence, to copyright and source code violations, IT staff are legally liable for a lot more than they might think — in some cases because the law will not stop at your employer, instead holding individual IT employees responsible for violations even if the individuals are just ‘doing their job.’ Worse, as the recent case against Terry Childs has shown, judges and juries are often not technically savvy enough to understand what IT pros do. ‘That lack of understanding can lead them to conclude you’re at fault or should have known better,’ Vogel writes. ‘After all, many people think anyone technical is a whiz kid or brainiac on any topic.’”
What legally questionable scenarios have cropped up at your job?

Source: How IT Pros Can Avoid Legal Trouble

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