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Catching Satnav Errors On Google Street View

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Barence writes “Most of the satnav companies allow users to report errors with their maps, but do they ever get fixed? PC Pro’s Paul Ockenden uses Google StreetView to highlight glaring and dangerous flaws in Tele Atlas maps — which are used by TomTom and Google Maps itself — but the company has failed to respond to numerous reports of map errors posted over the course of several years. ‘About half a mile from where I live, a Tele Atlas-based satnav will instruct you to turn off at a junction where there’s only an on-ramp,’ Ockenden reports. ‘I’ve witnessed some confused and dangerous driving at this junction as people try to find the non-existent exit, so I wouldn’t be surprised if major mapping errors like this are a danger to road safety.’”

Source: Catching Satnav Errors On Google Street View

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