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‘Weekly Episodes’ Coming To Star Trek Online

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As Star Trek Online ramps up for its Season 2 patch, the game’s executive producer, Daniel Stahl, spoke in an interview about an interesting new feature: weekly episodes. Quoting:
“The team has wanted to capture the spirit of the TV shows by having something new to look forward to each week. We all remember when the various series were in full swing and there was the anticipation of tuning in every week to see what happened next. It wasn’t always a continuing story, but it was always Star Trek in some way or another, and over time you became familiar with the characters and plots that developed. We are curious to see if this can be replicated through the game. Every week we plan to have something new for players to do. Sometimes it could be getting an assignment to resolve a trade dispute between two races. Other weeks it could be making First Contact with a new alien race. Other weeks you might find yourself deep in trouble and have to find a solution to your predicament.”

Source: ‘Weekly Episodes’ Coming To Star Trek Online

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