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ESRB Exposes Emails of Gamers Who Filed Privacy Complaints

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simrook writes, “Many people filed privacy complaints with the ESRB over Blizzard’s recent (and afterward recanted) move to require the display of users’ real life names on Blizzard’s official forums. 961 of those complainants had their email addresses exposed in the ESRB’s response.” The response itself didn’t go into the organization’s thoughts on Blizzard’s plan, but they explained to the Opposable Thumbs blog that anonymity isn’t a huge concern to them, as long as users are given the opportunity to opt out.
“The role of the ESRB Privacy Online program is to make sure that member websites—those that display our seal on their pages — are compliant with an increasingly complex series of privacy protection laws and are offering a secure space for users to interact and do business online. … But online privacy protection doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as anonymity. It’s about making sure that websites collecting personal information from users are doing so not only in accordance with federal regulations but also with best practices for protecting individuals’ personal information online.”

Source: ESRB Exposes Emails of Gamers Who Filed Privacy Complaints

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