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iPhone 4 Drop Test With Bumper Case

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If you were thinking of buying a bumper for your shiny new iPhone 4 then you might want to think again.

Folks at iFixyouri, an online repair shop for iPhones have performed a drop test on the iPhone 4 with Apple's bumper case to see if it can prevent glass and LCD damage.

iFixyouri report:

We've have known for a little while now that iPhone 4 bumpers do not offer all of the protection needed because customers have called in an told us. Although it does not take a video by iFixyouri to inform you that dropping your new iPhone 4 on concrete is a bad idea, hopefully this video squashed any doubts as to the bumpers effectiveness.

You can checkout the videos of iFixyouri’s iPhone 4 drop test with and without a bumper from a height where you would be typically holding the phone in front of you onto concrete.

So it took only 3 drops to damage iPhone 4 with the bumper case. In case of iPhone 4 without a case, it turned off in two drops and 4 drops to crack the screen.

iFixyouri points out that the bumper case protects iPhone 4 only when it hits the concrete on a corner but if the iPhone 4 falls on the glass then it can’t prevent iPhone 4 from getting damaged.

Let us know what you think of the drop tests. Have you bought or planning to buy a bumper case or a regular case for your iPhone 4?

[via iFixyouri]

Source: iPhone 4 Drop Test With Bumper Case

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