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Google To End Google.cn Redirect

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shmG writes “Google Inc. has announced a ‘new approach’ in China after the government said the company could no longer automatically redirect users to the unfiltered Hong Kong site. This gives Baidu Inc., which already has a greater than 60% share in Internet search in China, a chance to expand. It has announced new plans to hire US engineers to enhance its technical skills and propel its growth globally.”
Update: 06/29 18:27 GMT by S : Changed the headline to more accurately reflect what Google is doing. They’re ending the redirect and applying for a license renewal, so it’s still in question whether they’ll actually go dark in China. However, they say they’re also looking for ways to continue allowing uncensored search, such as putting a high-profile link to their Hong Kong site on the google.cn landing page.

Source: Google To End Google.cn Redirect

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