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Supreme Court Throws Out Bilski Patent

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ciaran_o_riordan writes “The US Supreme Court has finally decided the Bilski case (PDF). We’ve known that Bilski’s patent would get thrown out; that was clear from the open mockery from the judges during last November’s hearing. The big question is, since rejecting a particular patent requires providing a general test and explaining why this patent fails that test, how broad will their test be? Will it try to kill the plague of software patents? And is their test designed well enough to stand up to the army of patent lawyers who’ll be making a science (and a career) of minimizing and circumventing it? The judges have created a new test, so this will take some reading before any degree of victory can be declared. The important part is pages 5-16 of the PDF, which is the majority opinion. The End Software Patents campaign is already analyzing the decision, and collecting other analyses. Some background is available at Late-comers guide: What is Bilski anyway?
More analysis of the decision is available at Patently-O.

Source: Supreme Court Throws Out Bilski Patent

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