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SCOTUS Nominee Kagan on Free Speech Issues

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DesScorp submitted one of a few stories I’ve seen about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, whose confirmation hearings are supposed to start to day (despite being a formality given that she has the votes pretty much locked up). “SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan hasn’t left much of a paper trail during her legal career, which may make gauging her ideas and opinions somewhat difficult. But there are some positions she has made clear statements on, among them, pornography and “hate speech”. In a 1993 University of Chicago seminar on the subject, Kagan argued that the government wasn’t doing enough about the spread of porn or hate speech. She argued that new approaches were needed to fight their spread, as well as taking a fresh look at old approaches, such as obscenity laws. Kagan included herself among”"those of us who favor some form of pornography and hate speech regulation” and told participants that “a great deal can be done very usefully” to crack down on such evils.”

Source: SCOTUS Nominee Kagan on Free Speech Issues

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