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APB To Use In-Game Audio Advertisements

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that upcoming action MMOG APB: All Points Bulletin will use in-game audio advertisements as part of its business model. The number of ads you hear will be limited: “you’ll only hear an ad when you go into a new zone, and that’s only once every three hours.” Nevertheless, some gamers are upset that these ads will be included on top of APB’s already unusual payment plans. The game is set for release next Tuesday. Producer Jesse Knapp says of Realtime Worlds’ goals for APB, “We looked at other online action games, and we saw things we felt could be better. Only 12 to 32 players in a match, bad connection due to peer-to-peer, dead cities, way too much time in lobbies, things like that. So what we set out to do was to make a game that has that online player vs. player action game experience in a large city with other players around, no lobbies, dynamic matchmaking, dedicated servers, great experience, and that’s been one of the driving factors of APB from the very beginning.” CVG recently previewed the game.

Source: APB To Use In-Game Audio Advertisements

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