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Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed

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An anonymous reader writes “The GPU for the Nintendo 3DS has just been revealed, and it’s not made by Nvidia, ATI, or even Imagination Technologies. Instead, Nintendo has signed up Japanese startup Digital Media Professionals (DMP) in a deal that sees the company’s PICA200 chip churning out the 3-D visuals. For the first time in Nintendo’s history, the 3DS will feature a GPU with programmable shaders, rather than a fixed-function pipeline, meaning the 3DS is more graphically versatile than the Wii. Among the PICA200′s features are 2x anti-aliasing, per-pixel lighting, subdivision primitives, and soft shadows. As well as featuring DMP’s own ‘Maestro’ extensions, the PICA200 also fully supports OpenGL ES 1.1. The architecture supports four programmable vertex units and up to four pixel pipelines.”

Source: Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed

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