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7th Graders Find Large Cave On Mars

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A newly discovered cave on Mars was found as the result of an interesting crowd-sourcing project. As EMB Numbers writes, “Cnet news reports that ‘the science class from Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, Calif. found the opening while working on a research project with the Mars Space Flight Facility run out of Arizona State University in Tempe. … The students examined more than 200 images of Mars taken with the Thermal Emission Imaging System (Themis), an instrument on NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter.’ The only other similar opening near the volcano was found in 2007, when Glen Cushing, a scientist with the US Geological Survey, published a research paper on the surface anomalies. The opening is estimated to be 620 feet by 520 feet and the hole to be at least 380 feet deep.”

Source: 7th Graders Find Large Cave On Mars

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