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First iOS 4 Multitasking Enabled iPhone Apps Available On The App Store

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iPhone multitasking apps being approved

MacRumors reports that Apple has started approving multitasking enabled apps. Multitasking has been one of the most sought out features among iPhone users.

While jailbroken iPhone users have enjoyed this feature for quite sometime now, the launch of iOS 4 next week will, for the first time, allow other users to simultaneously run multiple apps on their iPhone.

However, the new iOS platform will not offer unrestricted multitasking capabilities. Apple has noted several times in the past that unrestricted multitasking can degrade app performance besides ruining battery life. Consequently, iOS 4 will provide third party developers with the ability to incorporate seven specific multitasking elements to their apps. These include:

  • Allowing apps to run audio in the background
  • Enabling Communication on VoIP apps while accessing another application
  • Letting navigation apps access location information while running other apps
  • Receiving push notification messages from remote servers when the app is not running
  • Local Alarm/Event notification from third party apps without a need for remote servers
  • Processing information in the background even after the app is closed
  • Enabling an easy toggle setup between open applications

While the multitasking elements on iOS 4 may not satisfy the requirements of all the developers, it will still cater to the demands of most of the users who primarily need multitasking to listen to music while using iPhone's Safari web browser or be able to receive calls on VoIP iPhone apps like Skype while accessing other applications just like the regular phone application.

MacRumors points out that the popular file sharing app, DropBox, has already integrated the new multitasking features on their iPhone app. Other prominent apps like Pandora and Skype are also expected to incorporate the features soon.

Are you excited about the new multitasking feature? How do you think multitasking will improve the iPhone experience. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Source: First iOS 4 Multitasking Enabled iPhone Apps Available On The App Store

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