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AT&T: iPhone 2G Users Can Also Keep Their Unlimited Data Plans

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iPhone 2G subscribers may stay with $20 month plan

AT&T announced a major changes to its data plans for iPhone users recently. AT&T introduced two new data plans to replace its current $30 unlimited smartphone plan.

However, AT&T had clarified that existing iPhone users can stick with the $30 unlimited data plans, even when it's time to upgrade to the new iPhone. But it was not clear if this rule was also applicable to original iPhone or iPhone 2G customers.

The original iPhone came with a $20 per month unlimited data plan that also offered 200 free text messages to the subscriber. Though AT&T was quick to replace this offer with the familiar $30 per month plan, a number of iPhone 2G users continue to be on the $20 per month service. 

AT&T has now confirmed that these users can continue to enjoy their $20 per month unlimited data plan moving forward. However, this pricing will only apply to those users who do not upgrade to iPhone 4. Users who do migrate to a newer iPhone model can sign up for one of these three data plans – Unlimited data (without free text messages) at $30 a month, 200MB DataPlus plan at $15 a month or 2GB DataPro plan at $25 per month. However, these users can opt for the tethering feature only if they sign up for the $25 per month DataPro plan.

You can checkout all the details about AT&T's data plans here. Do you still own an iPhone 2G with the $20 data plan? Will you be upgrading to an iPhone 4?  

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Source: AT&T: iPhone 2G Users Can Also Keep Their Unlimited Data Plans

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