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More Details About iMovie For iPhone Revealed

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iMovie for iPhone

Apple had showcased the new iMovie app for iPhone during WWDC 2010 Keynote address. The application that will allow users to record and edit HD videos on iPhone 4, will be available on the App Store at a price of $4.99.

While the demo of the iPhone app was pretty impressive, the information available about Apple's Movie App for iPhone is still quite sketchy resulting in several unanswered questions.

Folks at TidBITS claim that they've managed to uncover some of the details about the iPhone app from their source. They've revealed few interesting about Apple's new iPhone application, which Apple engineers have worked on for more than 18 months. 

The iMovie app will require iPhone 4 and shall not work on iPhone 3GS. This is because the application will require the new iPhone's A4 processor to process the real-time transitions. 

TidBits also reports that the iPhone app's functionalities extend beyond videos captured within the iMovie app alone. The iPhone app will work on video clips captured using the iPhone camera as well. iPhone 4 users can also download videos from emails to their iPhone's camera roll to edit them with iMovie. These files will need to be in an iPhone recognizable format like H.264.

There is however a word of caution here. It needs to be noted that while the application will enable users to sync the processed videos to their Mac using iTunes, it may not be possible to open these videos on the Mac's iMovie application for further editing. Apple is expected to fix this issue soon.

TidBITS reports that the iMovie app will be available on the App Store on June 24 to coincide with the launch date of iPhone 4. While the initial version of iMovie app will not work on iPad, an iPad specific version of the app is expected to be available on the App Store soon. 

You can checkout the demo of iMovie for iPhone 4 below:

The iMovie app for iPhone brings a lot of powerful video editing tools to the iPhone that is sure to get users excited. Will you be purchasing this application when it hits the App Store? Will this be one of your reasons for upgrading to Apple's new iPhone 4?

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Source: More Details About iMovie For iPhone Revealed

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