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China Drops In Domain Registrations From #2 To #4

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darthcamaro writes “A year ago, it looked like the .cn country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for China was growing so fast that it would displace .com. In 2010 that’s no longer the case, as .cn has dropped from being the number two global domain by registrations to number four. And yes, .com is still number one. According to VeriSign, the top 10 list of TLDs in the first quarter was: .com, .de, .net, .cn, .uk, .org, .info, .nl, .eu and .ru. So why did .cn decline? Spammers. ‘Many of these are low-priced promotional names that have now come up for renewal at a higher price,’ said Pat Kane, vice president of naming services at VeriSign. ‘The .cn registration decline was also based on the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) registry’s implementation of the real names directive from the Chinese government primarily around verifiable “whois” data.’”

Source: China Drops In Domain Registrations From #2 To #4

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