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MA High School Forces All Students To Buy MacBooks

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An anonymous reader sends in this excerpt from the Salem News:
“A new program at Beverly High will equip every student with a new laptop computer to prepare kids for a high-tech future. But there’s a catch. The money for the $900 Apple MacBooks will come out of parents’ pockets. ‘You’re kidding me,’ parent Jenn Parisella said when she found out she’d have to buy her sophomore daughter, Sky, a new computer. ‘She has a laptop. Why would I buy her another laptop?’ Sky has a Dell. Come September 2011, every student will need an Apple. They’ll bring it to class and use it for homework. Superintendent James Hayes sees the technology as an essential move to prepare kids for the future. The School Committee approved the move last year, and Hayes said he’s getting the news out now so families can prepare. ‘We have one platform,’ Hayes said. ‘And that’s going to be the Mac.’”

Source: MA High School Forces All Students To Buy MacBooks

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