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Sony To Launch First 3D PS3 Games On Friday

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Stoobalou writes “Sony plans to show off the first 3D PlayStation 3 games in the UK on 10 June, with a retail launch on 11 June. If you were wondering why Sony is shutting down half the PSN today for maintenance, then wonder no more. We reckon the company’s simply gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 3′s first stereoscopic 3D games. Unfortunately, many game developers are seemingly indifferent to the 3D revolution at the moment. In fact, EA CEO John Riccitiello reckons that it’s going to be a good three years before 3D becomes a standard gaming feature. Riccitiello explained that there’s a big difference between converting a game to run in 3D mode and properly developing it to take full advantage of the extra dimension.”

Source: Sony To Launch First 3D PS3 Games On Friday

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