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NZ Plan For Fiber To the Home

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Ars has a note about New Zealand’s plans for nationwide broadband access, which will induce envy in many North American readers. “New Zealand has decided not to sit around while incumbent DSL operators milk the withered dugs of their cash cow until it keels over from old age. Instead, the Kiwis have established a government-owned corporation to invest NZ$1.5 billion for open-access fiber to the home. By 2020, 75 percent of residents should have, at a bare minimum, 100Mbps down/50 Mbps up with a choice of providers. Crown Fibre Holdings Limited is the company, and it’s wholly owned by the government — for now — and the company’s mission couldn’t be any clearer. Two of its six guiding principles include ‘focusing on building new infrastructure, and not unduly preserving the “legacy assets” of the past’ and ‘avoiding “lining the pockets” of existing broadband network providers.’”

Source: NZ Plan For Fiber To the Home

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