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The Rise of the Copyright Trolls

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NewYorkCountryLawyer writes “In the new mass filesharing suit brought in Washington DC on behalf of a filmmaker, Achte/Neunte v Does 1-2094, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Citizen, and two ACLU organizations have filed an amicus curiae brief supporting a motion by Time Warner to quash the subpoena. EFF commented: ‘We’ve long been concerned that some attorneys would attempt to create a business by cutting corners in mass copyright lawsuits against fans, shaking settlements out of people who aren’t in a position to raise legitimate defenses and becoming a category of ‘copyright trolls’ to rival those seen in patent law.’” And reader ericgoldman notes a case that arguably falls under the same umbrella: “Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, wrote a blog post declaring ‘Copyright theft: We’re not taking it anymore.’ Apparently upset that third-party websites are republishing its stories in full, the newspaper ‘grubstaked and contracted with a company called Righthaven… a local technology company whose only job is to protect copyrighted content.’ Righthaven has brought ‘about 22′ lawsuits on behalf of the newspaper, including lawsuits against marijuana- and gambling-related websites. Frederick hopes ‘if Righthaven shows continued success, that it will find other clients looking for a solution to the theft of copyrighted material’ and ends his ‘editorial’ (or is it an ad?) inviting other newspapers to become Righthaven customers. A couple of months back Wendy Davis of MediaPost deconstructed some of Frederick’s logic gaps.”

Source: The Rise of the Copyright Trolls

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