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J. P. Barlow — Internet Has Broken the Political System

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MexiCali59 recommends an account up at Hillicon Valley on a speech by John Perry Barlow to the Personal Democracy Forum in New York. “The deluge of information available on the Web has made the country ungovernable, according to EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow. ‘The political system is broken partly because of Internet,’ Barlow said. ‘It’s made it impossible to govern anything the size of the nation-state. We’re going back to the city-state. The nation-state is ungovernably information-rich.’ …Barlow said there is too much going on at every level in Washington DC for the government to effectively handle everything on its plate. Instead, he advocated citizens organizing around the issues most important to them. ‘There is a circle of fat around the Beltway that is incredibly thick. We can no longer try to run this country from the center. We’ve got to run it, just like the Internet, from the edges.’ Barlow also said that President Barack Obama’s election, driven largely by small donations, has fundamentally changed American politics. He said a similar bottom-up structure is needed for governing as well. ‘It’s not the second coming, everything won’t get better overnight, but that made it possible to see a future where it wasn’t simply a matter of money to define who won these things. The government could finally start belonging to people eventually.’”

Source: J. P. Barlow — Internet Has Broken the Political System

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