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Lifelock Worries After Employee Data Leaked To Web

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itwbennett writes “Last week, Phoenix New Times reporter Ray Stein revealed that LifeLock CEO Todd Davis (who famously published his Social Security number in LifeLock ads) had been the victim of identity theft, at least 13 times. This week, LifeLock made it clear that they’re not so cavalier with their employees’ personal data. The company asked the New Times to remove from its Web site a police report containing a redacted Social Security number, date of birth, address, and phone number of Lifelock employee Tamika Jones. In an interview, Stein said that the fact that LifeLock had to call and ask for the document to be removed reflected badly on Lifelock’s service. ‘I think this shows clearly that they know that it’s got potential problems.’”

Source: Lifelock Worries After Employee Data Leaked To Web

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