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Apple Working On New iPhone 4G Ads Featuring Video Conferencing

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iPhone 4G commercials

Late last week, AT&T announced that the Early Termination Fee on high-end devices like the iPhone will be nearly doubled from the beginning of June. This was followed by reports yesterday that Apple may have stopped the shipment of iPhone 3G to AT&T's retail stores. 

The streak of events in the past one week has made it amply clear that the launch of Apple's new iPhone 4G model is imminent. 

In further testimony to these speculations, folks at Engadget report that Apple may have commenced the production of a series of new commercials for the next generation iPhone; internally dubbed the Mammoth or N90. The commercials are rumored to be directed by Sam Mendes of 'American Beauty' fame. These revelations have been further confirmed by tweets from a couple of actors who have noted on their Twitter accounts that they have been auditioning for an Apple commercial directed by Sam Mendes. 

According to their sources, the new iPhone ads will feature the video conferencing capabilities of the next generation iPhone. Engadget reports that there is at least one scene in the ads is supposed to feature a mother and daughter video chat conversation using iPhone's new front-facing camera. 

Rumors of video chat feature in iPhone 4G have been doing the rounds ever since evidence for this was found in the beta release of iPhone OS 4. The speculations received greater credibility after Gizmodo published pictures of a leaked iPhone 4G prototype revealing the presence of a front-facing camera.

The latest report from Engadget seems to further confirm these speculations. Are you excited about the video calling feature in next generation iPhone? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Source: Apple Working On New iPhone 4G Ads Featuring Video Conferencing

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