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Facebook Bug Lets Hackers Delete Friends

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swandives writes “There’s lot of talk about Facebook and privacy at the moment, but a bug in Facebook’s website lets hackers delete Facebook friends without permission. Steven Abbagnaro, a student from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York reported the flaw, writing proof-of-concept code that scrapes publicly available data from users’ Facebook pages and deletes all of their friends, one by one. The victim first has to click on a malicious link while logged into Facebook. Abbagnaro’s code exploits the same underlying flaw that was first reported by Alert Logic security analyst, M.J. Keith, who discovered a cross-site request forgery bug, where the website doesn’t properly check code sent by users’ browsers to ensure that they were authorized to make changes on the site.”

Source: Facebook Bug Lets Hackers Delete Friends

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