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Conservative Textbook Curriculum Passes Final Vote In Texas

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suraj.sun sends in a followup to a story we’ve been following about the Texas Board of Education’s efforts to put a more political spin on some of their state’s textbooks. From the Dallas Morning News:
“In a landmark move that will shape the future education of millions of Texas schoolchildren, the State Board of Education on Friday approved new curriculum standards for US history and other social studies courses that reflect a more conservative tone than in the past. Split along party lines, the board delivered a pair of 9-5 votes to adopt the new standards, which will dictate what is taught in all Texas schools and provide the basis for future textbooks and student achievement tests over the next decade. Texas standards often wind up being taught in other states because national publishers typically tailor their materials to Texas, one of the biggest textbook purchasers in the country. Approval came after the GOP-dominated board approved a new curriculum standard that would encourage high school students to question the legal doctrine of church-state separation — a sore point for social conservative groups who disagree with court decisions that have affirmed the doctrine, including the ban on school-sponsored prayer.”

Source: Conservative Textbook Curriculum Passes Final Vote In Texas

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