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Installing Linux On ARM Based Netbooks?

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An anonymous reader writes “I am sure that many other Slashdotters have noticed an increase in ARM-based netbooks over the past several months. For example, the Augen E-Go. It is a widely touted theory that it is impossible to install Linux on one of these notebooks, replacing the commonly-installed Windows CE operating system. The sub-$100.00 netbooks carry decent specs, including: 533mhz ARM processor; 128MB DDR RAM; and a 2GB Flash drive, as well as the most expected netbook components (USB, Wi-Fi, etc.) I find it hard to believe that a computer with these specs is impossible to hack and install Linux to, but Google searches have been largely unsuccessful in finding proper information. Do any Slashdot readers have experience in installing ARM Linux distros to these cheap netbooks like this? If so, what distros do they recommend?”
(In particular, I wonder if anyone can comment on Ubuntu on ARM.)

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