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Gulf Oil Spill Nearing Loop Current

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An anonymous reader writes “Per The Weather Channel’s tropical expert Dr. Richard Knabb, ‘based on satellite images, model simulations, and on-site research vessel reports, I think it is reasonable to conclude that the oil slick at the surface is very near or partially in the Loop Current. The Loop Current is responsible in the first place for extending that stream of oil off to the southeast in satellite imagery. With its proximity to the northern edge of the Loop Current it may be only a matter of weeks or even days before the ocean surface oil is transported toward the Florida Keys and southeast Florida.’” Other experts are a little more cautious: “We know the oil has not entered the Loop Current,” Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry said at a news conference Monday afternoon. “A leading edge sheen is getting close to it, but it has not entered the Loop Current. The larger volume of oil is several miles from the Loop Current.”

Source: Gulf Oil Spill Nearing Loop Current

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