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“Fair Trolls” To Fight Patents With Patents

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FlorianMueller writes “Can a patent troll ever be fair? Yes. The primary concern over the upcoming Defensive Patent License — a GPL-like non-aggression pact for patents — is that it might be too defensive to have the desired impact. But actually the DPL could grow very big if one or more ‘Fair Trolls’ are brought to life and enforce patents against companies that don’t support the DPL. The ‘Fair Trolls’ would commit to the DPL’s terms, so they would have to leave other DPL backers alone. In exchange for this, the community would gladly feed them with patentable ideas (financial rewards for contributors included). Over time, staying outside the DPL alliance would become a costly choice for companies whose products might infringe patents. The bigger the DPL pool gets, the more valuable it becomes to its members. The more aggressive the Fair Trolls are, the better for the cause.”

Source: “Fair Trolls” To Fight Patents With Patents

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