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EFF Says Forget Cookies, Your Browser Has Fingerprints

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alphadogg writes “Even without cookies, popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox give websites enough information to get a unique picture of their visitors about 94 percent of the time, according to research compiled over the past few months by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. [The Research] puts quantitative assessment on something that security gurus have known about for years, said Peter Eckersley, the EFF senior staff technologist who did the research. He found that configuration information — data on the type of browser, operating system, plugins, and even fonts installed — can be compiled by websites to create a unique portrait of most visitors. This means that most Internet users are a lot less anonymous than they believe, Eckersley said. ‘Even if you turn off cookies and you use a proxy to hide your IP address, you could still be tracked,’ he said.”

Source: EFF Says Forget Cookies, Your Browser Has Fingerprints

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