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Videos Of Yet Another Next Generation iPhone Prototype

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iPhone 4g prototype video

A lot has already been said about the next generation iPhone. Gizmodo surprised the tech world last month by publishing pictures and videos of an iPhone 4G prototype.

This was followed by more leaks last week when Vietnamese site, Taoviet offered more insights about the upcoming iPhone model by publishing another video of a 16GB prototype

It now appears that yet another iPhone 4G or iPhone HD prototype may be out in the wild. A Vietnamese website, MainGuyen has now published a video showcasing an iPhone 4G prototype in action. The video shows the new iPhone model running a firmware diagnostics software called Inferno. As you may notice from the video embedded below, the external features of the new iPhone are pretty much similar to those revealed on Taoviet last week.

One of the most noticeable differences between the iPhone displayed on MainGuyen and the prototype revealed on Gizmodo is the absence of two screws on the bottom side of the iPhone. Also, like the model revealed on Taoviet last week, the prototype in the newly published video is of a 16GB iPhone 4G model. 

Check out the videos embedded below. 

With official word on the new iPhone expected next month, I'm sure you are eagerly awaiting the launch day to find out things we still don't know about Apple's new iPhone

[via CrunchGear]

Source: Videos Of Yet Another Next Generation iPhone Prototype

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