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The War on Spam

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In recent weeks the volume of new spammer accounts has grown considerably. These accounts are sometimes used to post spam messages to the discussion group, but more often are simply used to game google by including spam urls in the user profile.

Due to the high volume of new spammer accounts I have implemented a new policy regarding new accounts. Given how things play out, it may become permanent:

New accounts are bocked by default, until released by an administrator. The user receives an email explaining this. While blocked, the user profile is invisible to anyone but the site administrators. They are also, of course, unable to sign in.

2. Accounts that seem legitimate, are released, while accounts that are clearly spam (e.g., from know spammers, include spam urls) are either deleted or put in the spammer category.

3. Accounts that we can’t be sure about may be put in the “on probation” category. Members of this class can post, but their posts will appear only after being reviewed by an administrator. If the user turns out to be legitimate, it will be moved to the regular category, allowing the member to post directly.

4. Note that the “on probation” category is also used for members who are not spammers, but are considered or tend to post messages that are off topic. The messages posted by users that are on probation are in general reviewed by me before being allowed to appear.

New users are advised that by putting a short sentence or two about their specific interests relating to PL in their user profile, they will help us allow them to post sooner.

Source: The War on Spam

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