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Obama Sends Nuclear Experts To Tackle BP Oil Spill

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An anonymous reader writes “The US has sent a team of nuclear physicists to help BP plug the ‘catastrophic’ flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico from its leaking Deepwater Horizon well, as the Obama administration becomes frustrated with the oil giant’s inability to control the situation. The five-man team — which includes a man who helped develop the first hydrogen bomb in the 1950s — is the brainchild of Steven Chu, President Obama’s Energy Secretary.” Let’s hope this doesn’t mean they actually try the nuclear option. In other offshore drilling news, reader mygoditsfullofdoom informs us that a Venezuelan gas rig has sunk in the Caribbean (with no loss of life). This one is being laid at the feet of Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA, which hasn’t exactly been regarded as uber-competent “after President Hugo Chavez fired half the company’s managers and senior engineers following a 2002 strike.”

Source: Obama Sends Nuclear Experts To Tackle BP Oil Spill

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