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The Right Tool

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David MacIver is doing a bit of a sociological study on how programmers pick The Right Tool for the job. Programmers select all the languages they know from a fairly mainstream and popular list and then rank those languages according to statements like “I find it easy to write efficient code in this language” and “When I write code in this language I can be very sure it is correct”. At the end of the process the survey taker can see how languages ranked overall under each statement and what statements have been most strongly associated with each language.

Obviously this isn’t a formal study and, as with all online surveys, there are going to be challenges with selection bias and with people trying to game the system. None-the-less, it is pretty interesting and fun as is. Perhaps something similar would be worth doing under more controlled circumstances (although it beats me how to feasibly get a large sample size of programmers without introducing selection bias).

Source: The Right Tool

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