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Steve Jobs: Printing Support For iPad “Will Come”

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iPad printer support

If you have been using your iPad to work on documents, you may have realized that it is not possible to print documents directly from Apple's latest creation. 

The only option iPad users have is to send their documents to a computer either via email or using iPad's file sharing feature to print them.

Apple could soon be offering a solution to address this issue. MacRumors has reported on a conversation between Steve Jobs and an iPad customer where the Apple CEO has indicated that the iPad shall support printing in future. 

MacRumor reports:

According to one reader, Steve Jobs replied to an email asking why there are no printing capabilities on the iPad. Steve Jobs reportedly replied "It will come." 

iPad printer support

There is not enough evidence to prove the authenticity of the email but Steve Jobs is known to periodically reply to emails from customers with such short but to the point replies. 

Due to the availability of productivity iPad apps like Pages, Keynote and Numbers, printing support is one of the most requested features by iPad users and rumors in the past have indicated a possible inclusion of the feature in iPhone OS 4.0. Last month, Daniel Dilger from RoughlyDrafted.com had pointed out that the Apple support pages for iPad's Pages, Keynote and Numbers app stated that "printing directly from iPad is not currently available," instead of directly stating that you cannot print from the iPad apps. He noted that this indicated that the feature might be included in iPhone OS 4.0, when it is released in June. In fact, we're hoping that the native printing support also comes to the iPhone in iPhone OS 4.0. 

Ideally, printing support should have been built-in from day one on a tablet device like an iPad. Let us know your views in the comments below.

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Source: Steve Jobs: Printing Support For iPad “Will Come”

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