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A Call For an Open, Distributed Alternative To Facebook

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qwerty8ytrewq writes “Ryan Singel, writing for Wired, claims that Facebook has gone rogue: ‘Facebook used to be a place to share photos and thoughts with friends and family and maybe play a few stupid games that let you pretend you were a mafia don or a homesteader. It became a very useful way to connect with your friends, long-lost friends and family members. … And Facebook realized it owned the network. Then Facebook decided to turn “your” profile page into your identity online — figuring, rightly, that there’s money and power in being the place where people define themselves. But to do that, the folks at Facebook had to make sure that the information you give it was public.’ Singel goes on to call for an open, distributed alternative. ‘Facebook’s basic functions can be turned into protocols, and a whole set of interoperating software and services can flourish. Think of being able to buy your own domain name and use simple software such as Posterous to build a profile page in the style of your liking.’ Can Slashdotters predict where social networking is going? And how?”
Relatedly, jamie points a graphical representation of how Facebook’s privacy settings have changed over the last five years.

Source: A Call For an Open, Distributed Alternative To Facebook

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