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Google Attorney Slams ACTA Copyright Treaty

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Hugh Pickens writes “Cnet reports that Daphne Keller, a senior policy counsel at Google, says ACTA has ‘metastasized’ from a proposal to address border security and counterfeit goods to an sweeping international legal framework for copyright and the Internet that could increase the liability for Internet intermediaries such as, perhaps, search engines. ‘You don’t want to play Russian roulette with very high statutory damages.’ One section of ACTA says that Internet providers ‘disabling access’ to pirated material and adopting a policy dealing with unauthorized ‘transmission of materials protected by copyright’ would be immune from lawsuits but if they choose not to do so, they could face legal liability. Both the Obama administration and the Bush administration had rejected requests for the text of ACTA, with the White House last year even indicating that disclosure would do ‘damage to the national security.’”

Source: Google Attorney Slams ACTA Copyright Treaty

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