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ClamCase – iPad Accessory Turns It Into A Netbook

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ClamCase casing for iPad

The iPad has received a lot of positive press since it was launched early last month. Though the device is primarily seen as a platform for media consumption, the iPad is also becoming increasingly popular among traveling businessmen who see this as a great alternative to their notebooks.

Despite the enhanced user experience that an iPad offers, business users have had a few areas of concern with the tablet device

While the lack of a physical keyboard has always been cited as a reason why the iPad may not completely replace netbooks or laptops, the vulnerability of the device to accidental damage is another area of concern. This is especially true for those users who carry their iPad on travel. 

ClamCase, an iPad accessory seeks to address both these concerns. Promoted as an "all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for the iPad", ClamCase is basically a protective casing for the iPad, which comes integrated with a physical keyboard. The keyboard interacts with the iPad via Bluetooth. As you may notice from the video embedded below, the iPad may be used as a laptop when the casing is opened half-way through. Also, ClamCase could be made to act as an iPad stand by folding the casing backwards. 

We don't have information about the pricing of ClamCase yet but the accessory is expected to launch during Fall of this year. The official ClamCase website has been facing a streak of downtimes of late owing to the surge in traffic since the accessory was unveiled. This is perhaps an indication of the level of interest among iPad users for such an accessory.

Nevertheless, this is likely to trigger a debate over the pros and cons of an iPad over a netbook. What are your views on this? Do you see an interest in the ClamCase as a testament to the indispensability of a physical keyboard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[ClamCase via MacRumors]

Source: ClamCase – iPad Accessory Turns It Into A Netbook

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