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Official List Of iPad-Compatible Jailbreak Apps

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Jailbreak iPad

Spirit Jailbreak released by Comex last week is the world’s first tool to jailbreak iPad.

However, Comex has warned users to be careful while installing jailbreak appsas some packages available in Cydia are not designed for the iPad so they could end up causing problems.

If you want to find out which jailbreak apps available on Cydia are compatible with iPad then you can checkout the iPad compatibility list, that tells you which apps work on the iPad without any problem (highlighted in green), works partially with some problems (yellow) and those which don’t work at all (red).

Jailbreak iPad Jailbreak iPad

If you want to find out if a particular jailbreak app is compatible that’s not in the list then you can also submit a request.

Jailbreak iPad

Hope you find the list useful and please feel to contribute to it.

[via MuscleNerd]

Source: Official List Of iPad-Compatible Jailbreak Apps

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