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CRTC Approves Usage Based Billing In Canada

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qvatch writes with this from CBC News: “The CRTC has approved Bell Canada’s request to bill internet customers, both retail and wholesale, based on how much they download each month. The plan, known as usage-based billing, will apply to people who buy their internet connection from Bell, or from smaller service providers that rent lines from the company, such as Teksavvy or Acanac. … Customers using the fastest connections of five-megabits per second, for example, will have a monthly allotment of 60 gigabytes, beyond which Bell will charge $1.12 per GB to a maximum of $22.50. If a customer uses more than 300 GB a month, Bell will also be able to implement an additional charge of 75 cents per gigabyte.”

Source: CRTC Approves Usage Based Billing In Canada

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