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Code Quarterly – The Hackademic Journal

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This will probably interest many LtU readers:

Code Quarterly is a new publication [edited by Peter Seibel] that intends to publish in-depth articles of interest to hackers…

Here are some of the kinds of articles we hope to publish:

* Technical explanations – Pieces that explain a concept and why we should care…

* Code reads – guided tours through code that demonstrates interesting programming techniques or which is simply well-put-together, beautiful code.

* Q&A interviews – in-depth interviews with notable programmers.

* Think pieces – pieces about not-entirely-technical issues hackers would care about…

* Computer history – articles that take a look back at where our ideas about computers came from.

* Book reviews

If this sounds interesting and you can see yourself as either a a reader or a potential contributor hop over to the site and let them know.

Source: Code Quarterly – The Hackademic Journal

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