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AMD Undercuts Intel With Six-Core Phenom IIs

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EconolineCrush writes “As Slashdot readers are no doubt aware, Intel’s latest ‘Gulftown’ Core i7-980X is an absolute beast of a CPU. But its six cores don’t come cheap; the 980X sells for over a grand, which is more than it would cost to build an entire system based on one of AMD’s new six-core CPUs. The Phenom II X6 line starts at just $200 and includes a new Turbo capability that can opportunistically raise the clock speed of up to three cores when the others are idle. Although not as fast as the 980X, the the new X6s are quick enough to offer compelling value versus even like-priced Intel CPUs. And the kicker: the X6s will work in a good number of older Socket AM2+ and AM3 motherboards with only a BIOS update.”

Source: AMD Undercuts Intel With Six-Core Phenom IIs

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