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Texas Tells Cape Wind “You’re Not First Yet”

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longacre writes “Cape Wind is making headlines for for being the first offshore wind farm to earn federal approval, but it still has plenty of legal hoops to jump through before groundbreaking. Texas, on the other hand, requires no review — state, federal, or otherwise — to build wind farms off its shore. Texas energy expert and Popular Mechanics senior editor Jennifer Bogo talks to Texan energy leaders who are confident they will beat Cape Wind to the punch for the distinction of having the first functional US offshore wind farm. ‘I was about to write a press release to congratulate Cape Wind for getting their approval,’ says Jim Suydam, press secretary of the Texas General Land Office, ‘and let them know when they’re done jumping through hoops up there they can come build off the Texas Coast.’ Despite its reputation as an oil-addicted, non-environmentally-friendly, conservative state, Texas’s existing land-based wind farms actually produce four times more electricity than California’s.”

Source: Texas Tells Cape Wind “You’re Not First Yet”

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