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Former Head of CIA Think Tank Talks Privacy, Technology

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blackbearnh writes “Carmen Medina, until recently, helped run the analysis side of the house at the CIA. She also ran the agency’s think tank, the Center for the Study of Intelligence. A self-proclaimed heretic, she has a number of controversial views about how we gather intelligence and how technology is changing the game. She talked to O’Reilly Radar about this and other topics, including the possible ways that intelligence analysis could be crowd-sourced, why government technology procurement is so broken, and how the public may need to readjust their views on what things such as privacy mean. Medina said, ‘Government is viewed as inefficient and wasteful by American citizens. I would argue that one of the reasons why that view has grown is that they’re comparing the inefficiency of government to how they relate to their bank or to their airline. Interestingly enough, for private industry to provide that level of service, there are a lot of legacy privacy barriers that are being broken. Private industry is doing all sorts of analysis of you as a consumer to provide you better service and to let them make more profit. But the same consumer that’s okay with private industry doing that is not okay, in a knee-jerk reaction, with government doing that. And yet, if government, because of this dynamic, continues not to be able to adopt modern transactional practices, then it’s going to fall further behind the satisfaction curve.’”

Source: Former Head of CIA Think Tank Talks Privacy, Technology

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