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The MPEG-LA’s Lock On Culture

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jrepin writes in to recommend a piece by Eugenia from OSNews, which explores the depths of the MPEG-LA’s lock on video. One part of the problem is that almost all video cameras, including ones costing over $12,000, declare in their manuals that they are for “personal use and non-commercial” purposes only. “We’ve all heard how the h.264 is rolled over on patents and royalties. Even with these facts, I kept supporting the best-performing ‘delivery’ codec in the market, which is h.264. ‘Let the best win,’ I kept thinking. But it wasn’t until very recently when I was made aware that the problem is way deeper. No, my friends. It’s not just a matter of just ‘picking Theora‘ to export a video to Youtube and be clear of any litigation. MPEG-LA’s trick runs way deeper!”"

Source: The MPEG-LA’s Lock On Culture

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