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HP Reportedly Cancels Plans for Windows 7 Tablet

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A recent post up at TechCrunch claims that HP’s “Slate” tablet has been canceled. Officials details for the tablet were limited, though a leaked internal presentation indicated it had an 8.9″ screen, a 1.6GHz Atom processor, and ran on Windows 7. Some are now speculating that HP may experiment with porting WebOS to a similar device. Quoting: “Will WebOS emerge as a successful operating system for tablet devices? That seems very unlikely given the dominance of the closed Apple OS and the likely success of the open Android and Chrome operating systems from Google. To get traction from third party developers with WebOS HP will need to sell a lot of units. And it’s not clear what they’d gain from all that effort, anyway. HP knows how to build and sell hardware, not operating systems.”

Source: HP Reportedly Cancels Plans for Windows 7 Tablet

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