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Apple To Shut Down Lala On May 31

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dirk and a large number of other distressd readers let us know that Apple is shuttering Lala, the music service they bought last December, on May 31. “Apple will transfer any remaining money in user’s account to iTunes, and will credit users (via iTunes) for any web songs that were purchased. It’s a real shame, as Lala was a much better music service, offering songs in straight MP3 format. Their web service was innovative and ahead of it’s time. And they were one of the few places that would let you listen to an entire song to sample it (after 1 complete listen, you then could only hear a 30-second sample).” Reader Dhandforth adds: “10 cent favorites will now cost 9.9x more. What’s worse, a community of music fans (followers and followees) will disappear on May 31. Evil. Sigh.”

Source: Apple To Shut Down Lala On May 31

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