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Juror Explains Guilty Vote in Terry Childs Case

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alphadogg writes “Terry Childs, the San Francisco network administrator who refused to hand over passwords to his boss, was found guilty of one felony count of denying computer services, a jury found Tuesday. Now, one of those jurors (Jason Chilton, juror #4) is speaking out in an interview with IDG News Service’s Bob McMillan: ‘The questions were, first, did the defendant know he caused a disruption or a denial of computer service. It was rather easy for us to answer, “Yes there was a denial of service.” And that service was the ability to administer the routers and switches of the FiberWAN. That was the first aspect of it. The second aspect was the denial to an authorized user. And for us that’s what we really had to spend the most time on, defining who an authorized user was. Because that wasn’t one of the definitions given to us.’”

Source: Juror Explains Guilty Vote in Terry Childs Case

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