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Will RIM Be Able To Compete With iPhone OS 4.0 With The New BlackBerry 6 OS?

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Blackberry OS 6.0 preview

Research In Motion (RIM) has officially unveiled the latest update to the BlackBerry OS, named BlackBerry 6. 

Announcing it on the sidelines of the company's WES 2010 convention, Mike Lazaridis, the CEO at RIM said:

"It's an all-new user experience guided by a few fundamental design principles. It had to be easy to use, yet incredibly powerful. It had to be fun and approachable. Anyone that looks at it should say 'I want a BlackBerry.'" 

One of the most striking aspects about BlackBerry 6 is the focus on networking, media consumption and user interface of the device. Here are some of the most notable aspects about the newly unveiled BlackBerry OS.

User Interface: BlackBerry's UI has apparently been one of the key focus areas in the new BlackBerry platform. The new OS platform includes multitouch features with many new gestures. The home screen has been significantly revamped with pop-up menu options, pull-down notifications and the ability to search from home screen. Also, the web browsing experience has been given a face-lift with the introduction of tabbed browsing and a Webkit rendering engine that reduces the page-loading time. 

Media Consumption: As RIM's official teaser video (embedded below) demonstrates, BlackBerry 6 OS brings a lot of new updates to the native media app, which is predominantly focused on improving the overall media consuming experience for the user. 

Improved Networking: BlackBerry users have enjoyed the Messenger service for quite some time. However, Lazaridis' statements signal a new strategy to aggressively market the Messenger on the new BlackBerry platform as a social networking tool. 

The video of new BlackBerry OS looks pretty good but BlackBerry 6 OS is not exactly revolutionary since many of these features already exist on the iPhone OS. However, as folks at TiPb note, the launch of the new BlackBerry 6 platform could be in an attempt to target the iPhone user segment with improved social networking features that do not currently exist on the Apple platform. 

What do you think? Will RIM be able to finally compete with the iPhone with its new BlackBerry OS Should Apple be worried with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 in summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Source: Will RIM Be Able To Compete With iPhone OS 4.0 With The New BlackBerry 6 OS?

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