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EyeDriver Lets Drivers Steer Car With Their Eyes

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Hugh Pickens writes “NPR reports that German researchers have tested a new technology called eyeDriver that tracks a driver’s eye movement and, in turn, steers the car in whatever direction they’re looking at speeds up to 31 mph. ‘The next step will be to get it to drive 60 miles per hour,’ says Raul Rojas, an artificial intelligence researcher at Berlin’s Free University. A Dodge Caravan fitted with eyeDriver has been tested on the tarmac at an abandoned airport at Tempelhof Airport, However, it remains unclear when — or if — the technology will be commercialized as questions about safety and practicability abound: What about looking at a cute girl next to the road for a few seconds? Not to mention taking phone calls or typing a text while driving. But the researchers have an answer to distracted drivers: ‘The Spirit of Berlin’ is also an autonomous car equipped with GPS navigation, scores of cameras, lasers and scanners that enable it to drive by itself. And should the technology-packed vehicle have a major bug, there’s still an old fashioned way of stopping it. Two big external emergency buttons at the rear of the car allow people outside to shut down all systems.”

Source: EyeDriver Lets Drivers Steer Car With Their Eyes

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